Bildbericht und Interview Tromsø Arctic Skimo

Das Tromsø Arctic Skimo Rennen (ehemals Skittentind Rando) ist eine ganz besondere Veranstaltung. Jakob Herrmann hat uns unmittelbar nach seinem Sieg einen Kurzbericht geschickt. Und weil es ihm in Norwegen so gut gefallen hat, ist er gleich noch ein paar Tage geblieben, um weitere Höhenmeter, als die 4.000 hm vom Rennen, in dieser tollen Landschaft zu machen.
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Um einen kleinen Eindruck zu bekommen, haben wir einen Bildbericht vom Arctic Skimo Rennen und ein kleines Interview mit Frank Holen, dem Renndirektor und Director Tromsø Randonéeklubb. Und vielleicht gibt es nächstes Jahr unter den rund 100 Teilnehmern mehr österreichische Athleten am Start?

Frank, tell us a little bit about your race. Are you satisfied?
Both, racers and organizers, were very satisfied with the race and the conditions. We were praised with fresh snow for the competition, and especially the second race day became very spectacular when the sky turned blue as the racers went off. The Norwegian national team athlete Malene Blikken Haukøy described it as „the best skiing of the year“. It was really an accomplishment by the organisers to pull through a two day race when the snow was melting away the weeks leading up to the race. Due to warmth and heavy rain the routes had to be dramatically changed from what we had planned. Luckily, we have so many areas that fit for this kind of race and ended up with routes that were praised by the racers for being though uphill and amazing downhill.

Frank Holen Bild Skittentind Rando„It’s amazing to be a part of an international community that shares the same passion and dedication for the sport and the mountains. It’s great to see how people connect and share the joy of skiing.“


What is so special about your race?
It’s sea to summit! It’s actually the northernmost race in the world. It’s in untouched nature without ski resorts or lifts. And it’s taking place right outside a big city. Where else can you find these exceptional conditions?!

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What are your expectations for next year?
Next year, our goal is to expand with more international racers taking part in the race and get to experience the vibe and culture up here. International athletes like Jakob Herrmann, Sierra Anderson and a big Pierra Creta group from Crete among others praise the mountains and the landscape. And we hope that more racers see the endless possibilities for ski touring up here .

What are your recommendations for people that stay a couple of days longer after the race?
There are endless possibilities for skiing here in the Tromsø region or in the nearby Lyngen Alps or Tamok Alps. All spectacular areas where you can ski sea to summit in daylight 24/7! For 2020 the organisers will set up activities in both Tromsø and the nearby areas before and after the competition so that the participants can discover all the possibilities in this Arctic environment.

Thank you for the interview, Frank!

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